25 September 2020

WG Automation Technology Co’s die cutting machinery

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WG Automation Technology Co. (stand E1) is to showcase its latest die cutting machinery at the upcoming Labelexpo South China 2020. This includes:

Product 1: 5 Station Rotary Die Cutting Machine (pictured)
Features of this machine – which is suitable for coil, multi-level die-cutting, and multi-level composite – include:

An easily operated, advanced motion control system;
A tool holder independent servo control, with material axis independent servo control;
The maximum speed is 60m / min, and the die cutting width is up to 270mm;
With asynchronous function, it can realize large piece pasting and multi-piece grouping die cutting, which saves time, labour and cost;
An optional automatic registration function, according to the set size registration, up to 0.01mm, with fixed length registered cutting;
It can carry out free fixed-point nested cutting, product equidistant arrangement, avoiding breakpoints and other defects;
It optimizes material usage and reduces cost.

Product 2: WG Automatic die cutting machine
Features of this machine – which is suitable for sheet die cutting, tracing and waste disposal – include:

Double magnetic roller;
The machine can easily cut up or down, and discharges waste easily;
The speed can reach 5000-8000 sheets/hour, and die cutting accuracy can reach 0.1-0.3m.


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